I sometimes ask students if they had to give up one of their five senses, which one would they give up.  Sight is not a common answer.  I happen to think we underestimate how powerful hearing is and that we often tune out so much of what is beautiful.  But if you walked out of Glacier High School tonight and saw the mountains you would have seen the alpenglow on the mountains and it would have taken your breath away.  

Maui, Hawaii

The stoics said that we should constantly remind ourselves that everything can be taken from us without warning.  Life, health, friends. reputation, career, everything is temporary.  Here’s to taking every moment as they come, to living each day as if it truly is a gift.  Every conversation engaged, every friendship sacred.  Every alpenglow sunset special.  

Published by Wrightaction

Humility-a trait that struggles to find a home in the twenty first century.

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