I went to high school in the suburbs of Washington, the District of Columbia.  Though I was always near the seat of government, in a city of millions the chance to interact with political leaders was limited to state funerals, watching Marine One fly around, inaugurations and random motorcades.

Then I moved to Montana.  In Montana, our leaders are in our leaders on the state and national level are highly accessible.  You need to find out where they will be, go there and talk to them. Every year I spend a lot of time talking about the founding of the nation and the ideals of the Constitution especially.  One of the things that I always think of when I teach James Madison’s Federalist Paper#10 is that he is really describing Montana. The ability for good leaders to start on the local level, the idea that small communities can play an important role in national policy are the picture of Montana politics.  For good or bad we have Senators and Representatives, Governors and Commissioners who wield great power.  That power is accessible.  Go find it.  

Right to left, United States Senator Jon Tester,  House of Representative Candidate Kathleen Williams, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court candidate Rex Rink, the author of this post and his administrative assistant.  

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Humility-a trait that struggles to find a home in the twenty first century.

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